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Concert agency Corelli Music is since 2004 the most important organizer of concerts, series of concerts and festivals with baroque music in Estonia, joining its activities with unique and marvellous architectural heritance of this Baltic country. The concerts germane with era are held in places with great historical value - in manorial estates, castles, churches, knighthood nobility palaces etc. throughout the year. Corelli Music was established with the aim to promote and develop the longlasting activities in Estonia of baroque music performances on period instruments. It’s leader and artistic director baroque violinist Mail Sildos has been involved in such practices over 30 years, playing in several baroque orchestras and ensembles of Estonia and Finland.


Baroque ensemble Corelli Consort (since 1992) and Corelli Baroque Orchestra (since 2006) on period instruments are joining most prominent Estonian professional musicians of baroque music and cooperating with the best singers and instrumental soloist from Estonia and from abroad. Corelli Consort has performed also in manors, castles and churches in Austria, Italy and Finland. Corelli Baroque Orchestra has participated in Al Bustan International Festival in Beirut, Lebanon with 3 programs of grand oeuvres by J.S. Bach. Corelli Music has started the tradition of masterclasses for baroque orchestra playing lead by prominent musicians from European countries together with Early Music Centre of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.


The general idea characterizing the series of concerts of Corelli Music is to create a most suitable historical atmosphere in ancient premises by the usage of musical means. Concert series: "Church  Holidays in the Land of Mary", "Romantic Manors", "Toompea Music Lounge", "Maardu Manor Music Lounge", “Beauty of History”, in Pärnu "Café Grand Music Lounge". The crown jewel is charital series of concerts "Estonian Manors" supporting little schools, orphanages and nursing homes, situated in the manors all over Estonia since 1999 every summer. It has introduced with musical means 90 different manorial estates in 21 years. During the concerts audience will hear lots of sparkling baroque music on authentic period instruments performed by Estonian professional musicians. And also an overview from a distinguished art historian Jüri Kuuskemaa about the history of every particular manorial estate, its architectural values and dignified families who once have lived there.



Corelli Music is running two festivals that also carry the same characteristics and have earned prizes from Cultural Endowment of Estonia and European Festivals Association.

In 2010, Corelli Music expanded its well-known concert series „Church Holydays in the Land of Mary“ to a Christmas music festival, which offers wonderful musical experiences through the whole month of Christmas time from 1st Advent through Christmas and the very last days of the year until Epiphany and beginning of Orthodox Christmas in January. With contemporary musicians, the festival brings the colours and atmosphere of distant ages to modern people - just as the masters of the era could have been heard the music in their lifetime in the churches and castles.

Festival "Towers of Tallinn" brings since 2011 together the history of ancient Tallinn and contemporary oeuvre, introducing the city's famous silhouette inside out through different eras of music. Towers of the medieval city wall, churches, modern skyscrapers - in accordance to the era of the tower, the whole city all the way to the sea will be filled with music from the Middle Ages and Baroque to folksy melodies, jazz and contemporary music.

Performes in both festivals are the professional musicians as well as young artists just beginning their career in music.


Corelli Music - with style and elegance! Beautyful and sparkling baroque music, professional musicians, joyful concerts, Estonian rich historical heritage are waiting for you!


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